Eternal Oath – A Themed Exhibition on the Party Admission Oath
Date:2023-9-12 ~ 2024-1-12
The exhibition explored the historical development of the Party Admission Oath as well as its contemporary relevance. It was divided into four parts and provided depth and connection by combining historical evidence and personal stories.
“Red in Art - Art Recreations of Major Historic Events” Exhibition
Date:2023-6-27 ~ 2023-7-16
In February 2022, the Memorial hosted the “Red in Art - Art Recreations of Major Historic Events” exhibition. This exhibition featured over 20 thematic works of art, such as oil paintings, Chinese paintings, prints, and sculptures.
Dedication to Preserving the Party’s History – An Exhibition Commemorating 70th Anniversary of the Memorial
Date:2022-9-3 ~ 2023-1-3
The exhibition commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Memorial. It showcased the evolution of the site where the Memorial is housed over a century, as well as the dedication of generations of employees to preserving the Party’s legacy. By telling the stories of early founders and exemplary members of the Party, it highlighted the inspirational value of the Memorial to Party members and the general public.
When the Going Got Tough - Special Exhibition on Milestones in the History of the CPC
Date:2022-1-25 ~ 2022-8-26
The exhibition themed “When the Going Got Tough - Special Exhibition on Milestones in the History of the CPC” was the first of its kind to focus on major campaigns in the CPC’s history that overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges. The exhibition provides historical context for remarks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the CPC Centenary Celebrations on July 1, 2021, and at the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee on November 8, 2021, about how the Communist Party of China was a go-getter during difficult times.
First Debut on the International Stage: Zhou Enlai’s Diplomatic Legacies
Date:2021-6-28 ~ 2021-8-27
This exhibition achieved a series of groundbreaking “firsts.” For the first time, the navy blue trench coat worn by Premier Zhou Enlai at the 1954 Geneva Conference and the light-colored Zhongshan suit from the 1955 Bandung Conference were unveiled to the public. These dresses symbolize China’s diplomatic debut as a global powerhouse, led by Premier Zhou, on the international stage. Additionally, it inaugurated the Memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC after extensive upgrades, coinciding with the first thematic exhibition celebrating the Party’s centenary in 2021.