First Debut on the International Stage: Zhou Enlai’s Diplomatic Legacies

This exhibition achieved a series of groundbreaking “firsts.” For the first time, the navy blue trench coat worn by Premier Zhou Enlai at the 1954 Geneva Conference and the light-colored Zhongshan suit from the 1955 Bandung Conference were unveiled to the public. These dresses symbolize China’s diplomatic debut as a global powerhouse, led by Premier Zhou, on the international stage. Additionally, it inaugurated the Memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC after extensive upgrades, coinciding with the first thematic exhibition celebrating the Party’s centenary in 2021.

Central to the showcase are the trench coat and Zhongshan suit, displayed innovatively with movable LED screens depicting Premier Zhou’s historic moments. The exhibition included 14 physical artifacts and 36 historic images, including the co-authored book Why are We Fighting Now by Zhou Enlai and Chen Duxiu, as well as personal items used by Zhou, inscriptions, and commemorative stamps. These relics vividly illustrate Premier Zhou’s diplomatic feats at the international conferences, offering a comprehensive glimpse into his legacies.