Eternal Oath – A Themed Exhibition on the Party Admission Oath

The exhibition explored the historical development of the Party Admission Oath as well as its contemporary relevance. It was divided into four parts and provided depth and connection by combining historical evidence and personal stories.

The Prologue "I Swear" offered an immersive experience that used multimedia to convey the meaning of the Oath through imagery, sound, and music. Unit 1, titled “Unswerving Faith,” used historical evidence and recent research to examine the evolution of the Party Admission Oath over a century. Unit 2, titled “Living Out the Oath,” told the stories of exemplary communists who embodied the Oath through concrete actions true to their original aspirations. The final part “Ongoing Commitment” concluded the exhibition with a screening room displaying microfilms centered on the five versions of the Oath. A total of 270 historical artifacts and materials were displayed, providing tangible evidence and context.

The exhibition was named one of the top 20 exhibitions in 2023 for promoting China’s modern history, traditions, and socialist values by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.